President's Message

Meet President DALE THOMAS   Dale has been a member our club since its inception in 2001. She was "bitten by the politics bug" when she worked as Finance Direcor for the re-election campaign in 1994 for Congressman Ken Calvert (43rd district). She claims, however, that her Republican roots go back as far as her grandmother's campaign efforts for President Dwight Eisenhower and her Air Force family's close friendship with Senator Barry Goldwater. She grew up in the Washington D.C. area and worked "on the hill" for various congressmen during summer breaks.  Most recently, Dale retired from her position as Vice President of Development for the Los Angeles World Affairs Council. This 45 year-old organization, with more than 4,000 members, is well known for the high profile events it holds for such high profile speakers as Prime Minisiter Tony Bair, Senator John McCain and many other foreign leaders and dignitaries.  Dale lives in Oak Park with her husband of five years, Bob Thomas. She has two grown children, Brad Cowgill and Brooke Cowgill.

President's Message

I don’t often know when I am right.  I mean really know it!  That I am totally, completely sure of my choices- my carved in stone decisions. Not for my first marriage, not for giving birth, not for choosing houses, schools or which brand of detergent I should buy.  Second guessing is second nature to many of us and, as they say, “hindsight is 20/20”.  That being said, I have never been so sure of anything in my life as I am of my support of Donald Trump – the President of the United States.  Did I ever think that I would say that during the primaries of 2016? Uh, NO! 

This is a man who puts my country first.  A man who doesn’t care what people say about him or try to do to defame him.  This is a man with the strength of his convictions.  A leader who does what he says, says what he means and keeps his promises.  He stands up to every effort to topple him. He has been attacked by every method possible by a left faction who simply hate him because he defeated their hero- Hilary Clinton.  They hate him more than they love America.  Thy hate him because he and his administration are exposing the criminal activity in our leadership that has gone on for far too long in our county.

It isn’t often that I stand up and cheer while watching television (not an NFL fan!) but I did just that while watching our President deliver his State of the Union address.  His every point resonated with the patriotism that lives inside of me.  His remarks were inspiring, his plans were all to benefit our country and to keep the promises he made during his campaign.  Who in their right mind, I thought, could disagree with stopping Illegal aliens, many criminals, from entering our country where they rely on our tax payer dollars to support them?   How could anyone support full term abortion? Who wouldn’t want trade deals that would benefit our country, improved military support to protect us, lower taxes, a strong economy and more job opportunities? Who wouldn’t support these amazingly great platforms that would indeed “Make America Great Again?”  Who indeed?

Then I looked up and realized that right behind the President sat the enemy.  The leader of the women in white who want to do everything possible to stop our progress- to stop our President no matter what the cost.  That’s when I was certain I was right.  That I had to do everything possible to support this man who never bends in the face of adversity.  Donald Trump came to us in a time of our greatest need.  He came to us at a time when our country was at a fork in the road.  At a time when we were at the precipice of losing our Republic to the greed and power grabs of the past.  We must do all we can to support this man who stands strong in the face of the storm and never wavers from his belief that he loves this country and wants what is best for all of us.  We must make sure that evil does not win and that Donald Trump is reelected in 2020.  I have never been so sure of anything in my life.


God Bless